Kelab Pelajar Cemerlang :)

i've just watch Kelab Pelajar Cemerlang on YouTube by AstroTutorTV by Syed Tar Mohd (Episod 1-2) and Addy Asraf (Episod 3-12):) it seem like really simple, 3:00 minute only. and so FUN! like it. you know that? later, i'll share it here :)



Today is Saturday 170312

hye! opps! Assalamualaikum,
Dear diablog, hekhek.
DIABLOG mean Diary Blog. get it? although i don't have many follower actually, but, my blog is over? :( although my father and my uncle know MORE about PHP CODE? HTML CODE? or whatever @#$% but, i still need to search more, learn more. ceyy! okay that's all..
today, my family will have BARBEQUE, hekhek. wow! okay that's all :) SMILE ALWAYS...



posting!! yeah :) now, LONELY at home, my sister go to PSACS, mom go for work, my brother at my cousin house and my dad still at Hospital to take care of my grandma, but on 2:30p.m i'll have tuition, Arabic Language :) until 4:30p.m. my cousin will send and pick me up :) then2! i'll go to Hospital to visit grandma, then2! i don't know :) HEKHEK. so?
so what? kaylaa.. that's all. daa! :) SMILE ALWAYS :) ASSALAMUALAIKUM :)



Today is Tuesday

I change my blog from green to blue! wahahaha! TODAY is Vanilla Coklat... okay. so? still wait laa... Still make homework. Ingga sa kacak gilak sora . ish! ok. now? This week still school holiday. No Programme actually :) okay :D Boboi Boy!


Last Episode

Yeppie! (again).. this Tuesday is...... Vanilla Coklat for the last episode.. hukhuk.. every story will end of happiness, right? it just a STORY.. wahhaa.. that's all... kbye :)



Holiday and Pancake :)

Hye! Assalamualaikum,
hrmm... next week is holiday! yippie! but... there is homework especially Assigment of History and Geography and and and Tuisyen on Tuesday and Thursday night, Friday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday
evening :) struggle more for PMR, i've got improve in my progresif 1 :) (senyuman lebar) hehe... ok :)
Actually i want to tell that...... I can make PANCAKE, but it's own flour laa, i've just put water, egg and oil. Then, cooked it! yeah! delicious :) nyumm. daa! want to make Assigment...